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Startup Insider: Last Chance to Invest in Genius Juice

By Early Investing on September 9, 2021

Genius Juice — which creates simple and delicious two-ingredient coconut smoothies — is one of the First Stage Investor team’s favorite startups. Andy Gordon presented it to subscribers about four months ago. He summed up Genius Juice’s prospects succinctly when he wrote: One of the best things a startup can do is figure out exactly where the market is headed — and then make the perfect product…
A founder’s ability to break out of the region where they started their company is a major factor in determining their success.  Starting a small business in the suburbs of Ohio is one thing — expanding that business to Chicago, New York and San Francisco is…

Startup Insider: A Shocking Amount of Exit Experience

By Early Investing on August 23, 2021

For years, venture capital (VC) firms have favored founders who have experience leading companies to successful exits. “Look for founders with prior exits,” VC investors say. “They know what they’re doing.” But Drake Dukes, co-founder of data company Gravity, analyzed 992 unicorn founders and…

Startup Insider: Trade Secrets vs. Patents

By Early Investing on August 2, 2021

A key part of a startup’s success is its defensibility — how it protects itself from the competition. It’s not enough for a company to offer a high-quality product. It needs to provide something that’s valuable and different from anything else out there. And…

Startup Insider: Venture Capital Learns From Crowdfunding

By Early Investing on July 26, 2021

Equity crowdfunding is often seen as the balancing force to traditional venture capital. Venture capital is exclusive and focuses on writing large checks to a few companies. Equity crowdfunding prioritizes inclusivity and the power of many small investments added together.  But what if there were a…

Startup Insider: Reimagining the Private Markets

By Early Investing on July 19, 2021

Scott Kupor is one of the sharpest minds in venture capital. He’s the managing partner of Andreessen Horowitz and the author of Secrets of Sand Hill Road: Venture Capital and How to Get It. Kupor testified before Congress earlier…

Startup Insider: Filling the Biopharma Funding Gap

By Early Investing on July 12, 2021

There’s a funding gap in medical research known as the “valley of death.”  When research begins, it’s funded by government grants and nonprofits. But drug research and development is very time-intensive. It typically takes around 10 years to bring a drug to market — and nine…

Startup Insider: (Don’t) Follow Your Passion

By Early Investing on July 8, 2021

Venture capital legend Marc Andreessen — founder of Andreessen Horowitz and one of the earliest architects of the internet — has some advice for young people. Don’t follow your passion. “Your passion is likely more dumb and useless than anything else. Your passion should be your hobby, not your work.

Startup Insider: The Inside Track on Startup Accelerators

By Early Investing on June 28, 2021

When researching investment opportunities, investors need to review revenue numbers, market size, founder experience and other criteria. But what about accelerators? Some startups list their membership in a startup accelerator as a badge of honor. But what is an accelerator? And should investors take them into account when vetting startups?…
Andy Gordon first recommended Oracle Health to First Stage Investor members in February. The company is developing a long-term insertable cardiac monitor for heart failure.  Oracle has ambitious — but achievable — plans to get FDA clearance…

Startup Insider: Why Startups Shouldn’t Fear Amazon

By Early Investing on June 21, 2021

It’s Amazon Prime Day, which means millions of people across the world are scanning Amazon’s marketplace for deals on everything from portable ice makers to dog DNA tests. This shopping holiday has historically generated massive sales. On Prime Day in 2020, third-party sellers on Amazon made more than…

Startup Insider: To Zoom or Not to Zoom?

By Early Investing on June 14, 2021

In Malcolm Gladwell’s latest book, The Bomber Mafia, the author explores the concept of revolution.  Revolution typically doesn’t happen because of one person, Gladwell writes. It happens because of a community. And the community works best when people are in close proximity.  But in…
One of the most popular investing myths is that a good technical startup needs a co-founder who can handle all of the technology or software development. And the lack of a Silicon Valley tech wizard spells failure or doom. But that’s really outdated thinking. As Vin…
InnaMed is one of the rare startups that has earned a thumbs up from Andy Gordon twice. It’s current raise — which Andy believes is a very good investment opportunity — closes on May 28.  With just…
Verizon has reportedly sold Yahoo and AOL today for around $5 billion. But Verizon spent $9 billion total to acquire both companies! Today’s sale marks the end of Verizon’s attempts to break into digital advertising. In this week’s Startup Insider, Andy Gordon and Vin Narayanan take a look…

Startup Insider: How Startups Go Public

By Early Investing on April 29, 2021

For startup investors, a company going public is the holy grail. That’s when the relatively small amount of money they invested into a young company turns into (hopefully) big bucks. There are three paths startups can take to going public — initial public offerings (IPOs), direct…