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Startup Insider: Last Chance to Invest in Genius Juice

Startup Insider: Last Chance to Invest in Genius Juice
By Early Investing
Date September 9, 2021

Genius Juice — which creates simple and delicious two-ingredient coconut smoothies — is one of the First Stage Investor team’s favorite startups. Andy Gordon presented it to subscribers about four months ago. He summed up Genius Juice’s prospects succinctly when he wrote:

One of the best things a startup can do is figure out exactly where the market is headed — and then make the perfect product for that future market. And that’s exactly what Genius Juice has done.

Now Genius Juice’s Republic raise is almost over. Investors have until September 13 to get in. So in this episode of Startup Insider, Andy and Vin Narayanan sat down with Genius Juice founder Alex Bayer to give investors a more in-depth look at the company. 

In their discussion, Alex explains why Genius Juice chose to use a sweet Thai coconut for its product, how the company has managed to scale, what sets it apart from its competitors and more.


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