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Update on Two MedTech Portfolio Companies

By Andy Gordon on June 28, 2017

Dear Startup Investor, We have updates on two of our outstanding medical technology companies. They serve as chronological bookends. Medical Surgery Technologies, or MST, was one of our first recommendations from late 2013. And Reliant Immune Diagnostics was one of our most recent recommendations from earlier this year. First, let’s get you caught up on MST… To refresh your memory, MST offers a camera that makes certain kinds of surgery (like laparoscopy) much easier. The camera follows the…

Upcoming Deal Notice

By Adam Sharp on January 4, 2017

Dear Startup Investor, In a few weeks, we’ll have an exciting new startup investment opportunity for members. The startup is Reliant Immune Diagnostics. It’s a medical diagnostic company that has the opportunity to change the way we diagnose conditions, receive prescriptions and take delivery of our medication. This company has…

Pre-IPO Fund #1 Update

By Adam Sharp on October 25, 2016

Dear Startup Investor, We’d like to provide you with an update on the companies from our first pre-IPO fund in 2014. Some of these companies may be targeted in our new pre-IPO fund, which is still open for investment. If you haven’t reviewed this opportunity yet, you can do…

Member Update

By Adam Sharp on September 19, 2016

Dear Startup Investor, If you read our free e-letter, Early Investing, you know that I’m bullish on the legal cannabis industry. What we’re seeing today is a rare opportunity that comes along only every few decades. The illegal marijuana market is estimated to be around $50 billion per year…

Upcoming Exclusive Pre-IPO Fund

By Adam Sharp on August 17, 2016

Dear Startup Investor, My colleague Andy Gordon and I are hard at work preparing another pre-IPO fund for Startup Investor members. We are planning to launch within the next 45 days. If you aren’t familiar with the term “pre-IPO,” it refers to later-stage companies that are still private. One of…

Update on Geekatoo

By Andy Gordon on May 31, 2016

  Dear Startup Investor, 444 Castro Street, San Francisco. That’s where Adam and I met Geekatoo Founder Kevin Davis last summer. Geekatoo used to call it home. Not anymore. The slightly larger HelloTech recently acquired Geekatoo. HelloTech was Geekatoo’s competitor. It operated in the same market and chased the same…

Update on Dealflicks

By Andy Gordon on May 2, 2016

Dear Startup Investor, Last time we wrote to you about Dealflicks, it was doing just fine, even exceeding our expectations. That was last October. At the time, the company was pulling in revenue at a $4 million annual rate. And it had expanded to 600 locations.

Two Outstanding Opportunities: Virtuix and Wefunder

By Andy Gordon on April 19, 2016

Dear Startup Investor, Our friends at The Oxford Club invited Adam and me to come speak at their annual investment conference. That’s where we were last week. As in previous years, we talked a lot and learned a lot. And as in previous years, we’ve come back to Baltimore with…

Update on Appvance

By Andy Gordon on March 11, 2016

  Dear Startup Investor, I’m pleased to report that Appvance just closed its second post-Series A raise. This one was for $5 million. Half was new VC money. The other half was from a convertible note raise done last February and converted into shares as part of Appvance’s current…

Update on Care at Hand

By Andy Gordon on February 29, 2016

Dear Startup Investor, Care at Hand is based in Washington, D.C. I’m in Baltimore, an hour away. So when Dr. Andrey Ostrovsky, the founder and CEO of Care at Hand, invited me to dinner, I hopped in my car, drove down I-95 and met him at the Blue Duck…

Update on Magnises

By Andy Gordon on January 29, 2016

  Dear Startup Investor, Our portfolio holding Magnises is a credit card company. It also serves as a sort of club for millennials. And, much like an American Express card, it offers perks to its members. You can think of it as the American Express card for millennials… but clubbier.

Tabs and Phabs and the Changing Face of Mobile

By Andy Gordon on January 7, 2016

  Dear Startup Investor, I thought I’d share with you an inside look at current mobile user trends, as reported by Flurry yesterday. Flurry – now part of Yahoo – has been tracking the mobile industry for seven years now. It monitors more than 2.1 billion smart devices worldwide. Flurry…

Update on Trustify

By Andy Gordon on December 15, 2015

  Dear Startup Investor, We recommended Trustify in late July. Back then, it lacked a major investor. But we liked the company so much, we recommended it anyway. A few weeks ago, it landed its big fish – Lowercase Capital. This venture capital (VC) firm is one of…
  Dear Startup Investor, Time is running out… Your chance to invest alongside Barbara Corcoran (of Shark Tank fame) and her partner, savvy veteran investor Phil Nadel, won’t be around much longer. On December 31, the fund officially closes. This is your last chance to participate in an opportunity brimming…

Update on Appvance

By Andy Gordon on November 13, 2015

  Dear Startup Investor, There is a company in our Startup Investor portfolio that doesn’t get the attention it deserves. It’s one of the startups I like the most, but talk about the least. The company is Appvance. I recommended it to you in January 2014. Its founder and CEO…

Boom vs. Bust

By Andy Gordon on November 6, 2015

Dear Startup Investor, I emailed my partner Adam this morning. It said, “Read Sam Altman’s latest blog. He nails it.” Adam’s reply: “It’s nice someone in Silicon Valley agrees with us.” Ah, yes, finally a voice of reason. And from a respected entrepreneur and investor from deep inside Silicon Valley…