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Wholesale Inflation Rose 9.7% in 2021

By Adam Sharp on January 14, 2022

This week, news broke that the Producer Price Index – which measures the average change over time in the selling prices received by domestic producers for their output – rose 9.7% in 2021. This was a shocking realization for many. We’re near 10% wholesale inflation! This is important because it’s what’s driving a lot…

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New Pick: Invest in the Uber of the Apparel Industry

By Andy Gordon on January 13, 2022

Passenger drones – AKA flying cars – are technological marvels. But science fiction has been promising flying cars for decades. So seeing them become reality now feels right. But apparel startup Sene feels like it’s been ripped from the future. It has made a commercially thriving company out of one of the most ingeniously disruptive ideas…

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Crypto Startups Keep Attracting Massive Investments

By Adam Sharp on December 21, 2021

NYDIG is a startup that specializes in solutions for institutional bitcoin investors. And it recently raised a whopping $1 billion at a $7 billion valuation.  Here’s an excerpt from CoinDesk’s reporting: NYDIG said Tuesday it raised a stunning $1 billion in a funding round that will…

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Chronic Fear Is Bad for Our Health

By Adam Sharp on January 14, 2022

Nothing is more relevant to our current situation than fear.  The first thing to realize about fear is that it’s not very helpful in modern society. In some ways, it’s an artifact of evolution. I found a very interesting description of what fear does to our bodies in this fascinating article “
Note from Early Investing Senior Editor Allison Brickell: It takes a lot of work for a startup founder to secure funding. As our own Vin Narayanan wrote back in 2019, “Raising money is hard. It’s a grind. No matter how tired or frustrated you are, you always have to…
Once again, the Federal Reserve is posturing as if it’s ready to taper quantitative easing (QE) and raise interest rates. Here’s the latest on that front from The Wall Street Journal: Federal Reserve officials at their meeting last month eyed a faster timetable for raising interest rates this year, potentially as…

Five Steps to Achieve Your Investing Goals in 2022

By Allison Brickell on January 5, 2022

It’s a new year. And that means it’s the perfect time to set goals for 2022. Whatever your investing goals are, now is the right time to define them. Get specific about what you want to accomplish. Whether you prefer to have a five-year plan or to make decisions on the fly, there are some basic…

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Crypto Startups Keep Attracting Massive Investments

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