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Cityzenith Shuttered, but Investors Still Have Hope

By Vin Narayanan on June 8, 2023

Many First Stage Investor members have written in to ask us about Cityzenith closing its business. We recommended Cityzenith as an investment opportunity in September 2020. And like you, we’re disappointed that Cityzenith closed. We were hoping for big things.  I reached out this week to Cityzenith…

Six Coins You Need to Sell

By Vin Narayanan on June 8, 2023

It’s been a week. On Monday, the SEC sued Binance, saying the crypto exchange had shown “blatant disregard of the federal securities laws.” And on Tuesday, the SEC sued Coinbase for acting “as an exchange, a broker, and a clearing agency, without registering as an exchange, broker, or clearing agency” and selling “without registering its offers and sales.” …
Editor’s Note: This recommendation was co-authored by KingsCrowd Investment Research Manager Olivia Strobl. Mmmm, pizza. Much like Homer Simpson, I was born eating pizza. I’m also a vegetarian who dabbles in veganism. So when it comes to plant-based pizzas and meat, I’m…

New Pick: A Crypto With a Proven Vision

By Vin Narayanan on May 25, 2023

This month’s crypto recommendation is highly unusual — at least for us. Today I’m recommending a coin that’s already part of the Crypto Asset Strategies portfolio. And it’s the first time we’ve ever done that. Background We recommend small cap altcoins to our Crypto Asset Strategies members (

Monogram Orthopaedics Announces an IPO

By Teddy Lyons on April 27, 2023

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