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Portfolio and Market Update

By Adam Sharp on September 7, 2018

Dear Member, Altcoins have been taking a hit after a nice bounce over the last week. Bitcoin is down slightly, but everything else is getting hammered. This is natural after such a big bounce. But it could continue for a while. There are still a lot of overvalued projects out there. Last year we saw a ton of initial coin offerings for “utility tokens.” I believe many of these tokens have a lot more downside to go. A good example…

Goldman Sachs Pulls Back, but Will Jump Back In

By Vin Narayanan on September 6, 2018

Goldman Sachs has pumped the brakes on its proposed crypto trading desk. Earlier this year, the investment bank hoped to begin trading bitcoin by the end of the third quarter. But its plans never came together. So now it’s moving on to crypto Plan B – building…

Reverse Speculation and Irrational Exuberance

By Andy Gordon on September 5, 2018

Andy explores how speculation became a dirty word – and how it may be undeserved.

Mailbag: Coinbase Limitations; Why Doesn’t Congress Act?

By Early Investing on September 2, 2018

The Early Investing team looks at why Coinbase doesn’t list more altcoins and whether Congress should pass legislation regulating cryptocurrencies.

News Fix: More Access to Private Markets on the Way

By Vin Narayanan on September 1, 2018

Leading our weekly news roundup is the SEC trying to improve retail access to the private markets and equity crowdfunding going transatlantic.

Square’s Crypto Payment Plans, BTC vs. BCH

By Adam Sharp on August 31, 2018

Adam Sharp takes a closer look at Square's crypto payment network plans and bitcoin's path to victory over bitcoin cash.

Crypto Monitor: SEC Hits the “Undo” Button

By Vin Narayanan on August 31, 2018

  Summary What’s going on at the SEC? One day, it’s denying nine bitcoin ETFs. The next day, it’s hitting the “undo” button on the denials. Andy Gordon and Vin Narayanan discuss that, the latest bitcoin news out of China, Nano’s stress test and much more in…

Don’t Be Intimidated by Crypto Communities

By Vin Narayanan on August 30, 2018

We spend a lot of time discussing the importance of community when it comes to investing in crypto. In fact, if a coin doesn’t have a strong community, we won’t invest in it. And we think you shouldn’t either. We also know that for many of you, figuring out…

Hype Cycle Puts Blockchain in Perspective

By Andy Gordon on August 29, 2018

Understanding where blockchain technology is in the Gartner Hype Cycle provides critical context for making investment decisions.

Doing the Math on Institutional Cash in Crypto

By Allison Brickell on August 27, 2018

Today’s chart shows that if even 1% of institutional money moved into crypto, it would more than double bitcoin’s market cap.

Why Doesn’t the SEC Like Bitcoin ETFs?

By Early Investing on August 26, 2018

The Early Investing team explains the SEC’s chief objections to bitcoin ETFs and shows you how to measure “community.”

News Fix: Bull Market, Wages and Bitcoin ETFs

By Vin Narayanan on August 25, 2018

The SEC is reconsidering its decision to deny nine bitcoin ETFs. Also, the bull market continues, but wages are still a mystery.

Portfolio and Crypto Market Update

By Adam Sharp on August 24, 2018

You’ve probably all seen the news that the SEC denied nine crypto ETF proposals on Wednesday. This was no surprise (though the SEC issuing a temporary stay on the denial the next day was). Fortunately, the market reacted appropriately and shrugged off the news. It’s important to note that the…

Steer Clear of the Bitmain IPO

By Adam Sharp on August 24, 2018

The world’s largest crypto mining company is going public, but Adam says you should steer clear of this IPO.

New Recommendation: Bitshares

By Adam Sharp on August 23, 2018

Bitshares Ticker: BTS Exchanges: Binance or BitShares Asset Exchange Price: $0.10 Market cap: $273 million Circulating supply: 2,653,190,000 BTS Max supply: 3,600,570,502 BTS Dear Member, BitShares is a leading blockchain-based financial platform. Think of it as a decentralized crypto bank, exchange and securities…

Where Do You Store Your Crypto?

By Allison Brickell on August 23, 2018

Two weeks ago, we polled First Stage Investor members about tariffs, bitcoin futures, startup sectors and cannabis-infused alcohol. Here’s what we learned… This week, we’re asking about the current bull market, space exploration, your crypto storage preferences and more. Click the image below to take…