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Addressing Missed Opportunities

By Andy Gordon on September 28, 2017

In early September, I recommended a rising startup called Balance. In a nutshell, Balance is capitalizing on the growth of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain by making the platforms easier to use. Here’s my original recommendation that explains Balance in more detail. I was so bullish on Balance that I didn’t want to wait until the monthly issue to broadcast the recommendation… as I had a feeling the company’s raise would fill up quickly. Sure enough, it did. Unfortunately, this…

The Bitcoin Rally Is Back

By Adam Sharp on September 21, 2017

Last week, the price of bitcoin dropped sharply after Chinese officials announced they would be closing most cryptocurrency exchanges. In the update we sent Friday, when bitcoin had dipped to around $3,000, I said this was no reason to panic, and definitely not a reason to sell. In fact, we…

A Second Chance to Invest in a Now $130 Billion Disruptor

By Andy Gordon on September 14, 2017

The September issue of First Stage Investor hit your inbox last Friday. I hope you’ve already dipped into it. If you haven’t, you’re missing out on seeing me do something I’ve never done before… Double down on a startup recommendation. To tell you the truth, it wasn’t that hard of…

A Volatile Week for Cryptocurrencies

By Adam Sharp on September 7, 2017

I have just a quick update for everyone this week. I’m in Washington, D.C. today and tomorrow, where my friends at The Oxford Club invited me to speak to some of their Members about cryptocurrencies and equity crowdfunding. It was a volatile week for cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin briefly touched a new…

New Recommendation: Balance

By Andy Gordon on September 5, 2017

Deal Details Minimum investment: $100 Raising up to: $1 million Valuation: $10 million cap (the max your investment will convert into shares at a future equity fundraise) Industry: Blockchain Investment portal: Wefunder Dear First Stage Investor, Balance, the company we’re recommending to you…

Keeping Up With the Bitcoin Boom

By Adam Sharp on August 31, 2017

A note from the Managing Editor: As promised, this week marks the launch of a brand-new benefit for First Stage Investor subscribers. Starting today, you will begin receiving the Weekly Update every Thursday. Because the Weekly Update is an exclusive benefit for subscribers, it will provide insights and updates that…

New Recommendation: Geostellar

By Adam Sharp on August 24, 2017

Deal Details Minimum investment: $100 Raising up to: $1 million Valuation: $22 million cap (the max your investment will convert into shares at) Industry: Renewable energy Investment portal: Republic Dear First Stage Investor, What’s the first thing that pops into people’s heads when they…

It’s Bitcoin’s Time to Shine

By Adam Sharp on August 4, 2017

The cards are lined up perfectly for bitcoin. Its primary competitors are all vulnerable to disruption.
Deal Details Minimum investment: $100 Raising up to: $1.07 million Security Type: Promissory notes (Revenue sharing interests) Length of term: Until the repayment amount of 1.5X is repaid Interest rate: Dependent on two factors: future revenue and amount raised Fundraise period: Ends…

What Happens if Bitcoin Goes Mainstream?

By Adam Sharp on July 21, 2017

Bitcoin is spreading virally, and it may be headed for mainstream adoption. What would the price look like if we got there?

Update on Two MedTech Portfolio Companies

By Andy Gordon on June 28, 2017

Dear Startup Investor, We have updates on two of our outstanding medical technology companies. They serve as chronological bookends. Medical Surgery Technologies, or MST, was one of our first recommendations from late 2013. And Reliant Immune Diagnostics was one of our most recent recommendations from earlier this year.

New Recommendation: WhiteClouds

By Adam Sharp on May 9, 2017

Deal Details Minimum investment: $1,000 Valuation: $18 million (conversion cap) or 10% discount to next round’s price Raising up to: $1 million Investment portal: Wefunder I’m going to keep this alert brief. Our new recommendation, WhiteClouds, just launched on Wefunder late…

Update: VirZOOM Now Open for Investment

By Andy Gordon on April 3, 2017

Great news – VirZOOM is now officially open for investment. If you recall, we gave you a sneak preview of this groundbreaking virtual reality startup in our March issue of First Stage Investor. And today its fundraise went live on VirZOOM makes a specialized exercise bike and games…

How “Accredited Investor” Laws Cost Me $500K

By Adam Sharp on February 24, 2017

We should all have the opportunity to invest in startups as we see fit. Laws restricting investment based on wealth should be abolished. Here’s why.

New Recommendation: Court Innovations

By Adam Sharp on February 24, 2017

Deal Details Minimum investment: $99.20 Valuation: $2.728 million (pre-money) Share price: $0.62 Deadline to invest: March 13 at 12:00 p.m. ET Investment Portal: Netcapital Note from Adam: This deal is only available to U.S.-based investors. This is unfortunate and beyond our control. We apologize to…

New Recommendation: Scrap Connection

By Andy Gordon on February 15, 2017

Deal Details Minimum investment: $200 Security type: Future preferred stock via SAFE (An agreement that grants the holder the right to equity at a later date, typically when the company raises another significant round of funding) Valuation: $4.5 million with a 15% discount Industry: Business-to-business commerce Raising up to: $300,000…