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Facebook and Bitcoin Poll Generates Interesting Results

Facebook and Bitcoin Poll Generates Interesting Results

Two weeks ago, we sent you a tech news poll created by Arbit, one of our portfolio recommendations. The response rate was fantastic – which tells us you’re paying attention. (That’s a relief.)

We learned that 68% of you care about how Facebook uses the data it collects from you, and only 11% of you don’t. Oddly, though, 67% of you said you did not check to see if your data was compromised in the Russian Facebook hack. Interesting.

Maybe this is because Facebook didn’t make it easy to check. (It now has a tool for this purpose, in case you’re curious.) Or perhaps you’re more worried about insidious advertising than outright hacking.

We also learned 65% of you would invest a $100,000 inheritance in bitcoin, while 35% of you would invest it in gold. This didn’t really surprise us – you’re a crypto-savvy crowd. Knowing this, we’re interested to see how you respond to our next bitcoin-related question (more on that below).

California, Florida and Texas had the most poll respondents. But we also heard from subscribers as far away as Romania, Malaysia and New Zealand!

As a refresher, Arbit is a social media/technology company that creates easy-to-use polls for individuals and businesses. The startup is a graduate of the Accelerate Baltimore incubator and has received positive feedback from Under Armour’s venture capital arm, a group with high standards.

We think Arbit’s tech is smart, addictive and packed with potential. The social engagement these polls create is fantastic, given our increasingly social media-driven world. But the enterprise side of things is even more compelling, as this technology has the potential to generate tons of useful data for businesses.

We’re no different, of course. We’d like to get to know our subscribers better. The more we know about you, the better the content we can provide.

So we’ve decided to send another poll this week. You can expect to see these more regularly from now on, as we’re always looking to see what topics interest you.

You can participate in this week’s poll here.

Good investing,

Allison Brickell
Assistant Managing Editor, First Stage Investor

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