Freemium Everything

A “freemium” product is one that’s free, but offers premium options. When it works, the strategy can be incredibly profitable for startup businesses.

Uber China to Surpass U.S. Market

Uber has truly arrived in China. Revenue there already makes up 30% of worldwide revenue. But the company faces stiff competition from a local powerhouse.

Should Retirees Invest in Startups?

Traditional investment models don’t have much to offer to retirees who are underfunded and close to retirement. So I don’t think it’s crazy to ask, “Should retirees invest in startups?”

The Day Tech Dies?

Moore’s Law has kept the semiconductor industry rolling along with exciting new products year after year. But a momentous change is just around the corner.

SEC Finalizes Key Equity Crowdfunding Rules

On Friday, the SEC finalized another critical part of the JOBS Act known as “Title III.” Title III is arguably the most important piece needed to make equity crowdfunding work. Here’s what they got right.

SEC to Decide on Title III

We don’t usually send out special notices to our readers. Then again, this is not business as usual. A groundbreaking event will take place this Friday. And you should listen … Continued