When “Plan A” Bombs

It’s a rare thing when a startup company follows its initial business plan all the way to a successful exit. It is almost as rare that the product or service … Continued

An Unerring Signal of Success

I tore open an envelope from Mattel yesterday, anticipating what was inside. There it was – my dividend check. I’ve been doing this for many years, but it never grows … Continued

The Opposite of Settling

Dear Early Investor, I know Bob C. through a friend. He’s a well-known early investor in VC circles. I also know what he likes. Show him a startup going from … Continued

Car and Driver

Hola! I’m planning a trip to Mexico in March and wanted to brush up on my Spanish, so I did a search and found Duolingo. It’s free and it is … Continued

Say Hello to China’s New Mafias

Dear Early Investor, Israel has been dubbed the “startup nation.” I wrote about Israel’s robust startup scene in this article. Very impressive. But it’s the wrong country. China is the … Continued

What Doesn’t Seem Like Work?

Paul Graham posted a great essay last week titled “What Doesn’t Seem Like Work?” It’s a good read, and quotable at times. This line sums up the piece nicely: If … Continued