What Doesn’t Seem Like Work?

Paul Graham posted a great essay last week titled “What Doesn’t Seem Like Work?” It’s a good read, and quotable at times. This line sums up the piece nicely: If … Continued

Really, This Is Your Future

Dear Early Investor, I was warned. “My kids have it,” our friends said. “It’s only a matter of time before your kids  get it.” The warnings sounded a lot like … Continued

The Hottest Sector in Venture Capital

Well-known venture capitalist Marc Andreessen likes to say that software is “eating the world.” And he’s right. Technology is changing the way we do everything. Startups with superior software are … Continued

The Next Disruptors

Dear Early Investor, A local entrepreneur recently asked me, “What does it take for my startup to win your endorsement?” I didn’t say “convince me in the next three minutes … Continued

In 2015, It’s Trust or Bust

Dear Early Investor, About a dozen major startup portals are competing for your investment dollars. They can be well-designed… cull promising startups… charge reasonable rates… and still fail, if they … Continued