Legal Cannabis Startups Are Booming

A multibillion-dollar industry that’s growing 74% a year. And it’s still in its infancy. Opportunities for legal marijuana companies are only increasing…

Your Portfolio Size Matters

What’s better? Should you invest in 10 companies with a $10K stake in each? Or 20 at $5K each? For startup investing, we can now draw some solid conclusions about portfolio size.

A Letter to John

Wondering if startup investing is for you? The decision can become much clearer if you approach it in a certain way…

Venture Capital for the Masses

State filing fees have been done away with under parts of Title IV of the JOBS Act. That opens up the startup investing space for tens of millions of Americans.

In 2015, It’s Trust or Bust

Today, I’d like to present a piece we first sent out on New Year’s Eve. Due to timing, the article didn’t get the attention it deserves, so we’re republishing it … Continued