Webinar: Caliber CEO Discusses Making Real Estate Investments More Accessible

Andy Gordon and I spend countless hours each week reviewing startups and talking to founders. So does our friend Chris Lustrino, the founder and CEO of KingsCrowd. And every now and then, we meet a founder so interesting that we ask them to record a webinar with us.

That’s exactly what happened with Chris Loeffler, Caliber’s CEO and co-founder. Caliber gives accredited investors the chance to invest in middle-market real estate projects in the Southwest. Chris Loeffler spent some time talking with Andy and Chris last week, and it was an illuminating conversation.


Everyday investors like you and me can’t invest in any Caliber real estate deals. But Caliber is seeking investors through an equity crowdfunding raise on SeedInvest. The raise — which is open to all investors — closes on Friday.

We hope you enjoy the webinar. And thanks for watching!