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Robert Downey Jr. Starts an AngelList Fund

By Adam Sharp on February 2, 2021

Well, this is somewhat unexpected — actor Robert Downey Jr. just launched an AngelList rolling fund.  The fund — called Footprint Coalition Ventures — will invest in sustainability and environmentally-focused startups. Here’s an excerpt from TechCrunch’s detailed writeup:  Unlike traditional venture funds, rolling funds raise new capital commitments on a quarterly basis and invest as they go,…

Rolling Funds Transforming AngelList

By Adam Sharp on December 15, 2020

Rolling funds on AngelList are continuing to pick up steam. And I’ve been thinking about what the long-term impact of these funds could be for a while now.  I believe that — like I said back in September…

The Future of Venture Capital

By Adam Sharp on September 15, 2020

AngelList’s new rolling funds — which we discussed a few weeks back — are likely to change how the platform operates considerably.  The current system involves syndicate leads raising money on a deal-by-deal basis. I think…

AngelList’s New Rolling Funds Worth the Look

By Adam Sharp on August 11, 2020

Back in February, AngelList introduced a new feature called “rolling funds.” It’s a new type of fund that invests in startups.  To understand what’s unique about rolling funds, we first need to know how traditional venture funds work. Traditional funds typically…