Startup Investing 101: A Free Comprehensive Guide

[Intended for Accredited Investors]

Equity Crowdfunding is a brand new way to invest in startups. Accredited investors can put as little as $1,000 into promising young companies.

Thanks to legislation passed last year, for the first time ever Americans can browse hundreds of these opportunities online.

Investing in tiny tech startups is risky, but the potential rewards are large.

The earlier you invest in a company, the higher the upside (and the risk). And the type of opportunities outlined in our report are very early stage. Often it’s the first or second round of financing.

Valuations at that point in a company’s development are generally around $3-10 million dollars. If the company is later acquired, or IPOs, the gains on those early shares can be substantial.

Here are a few of the highlights included in our report:

  • 3 crucial steps to reduce risk
  • The 5 best sites to browse startup opportunities
  • How to invest alongside legends of the industry

We’re very excited about this new and growing industry. It connects talented entrepreneurs with investors who can help them make it happen.

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