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Startup Insider: Gryphon Sees Supercharged Sales Growth

Startup Insider: Gryphon Sees Supercharged Sales Growth
By Early Investing
Date October 17, 2022

When we first recommended Gryphon in 2018, we were impressed by the company’s innovative product and excellent team. The company makes arguably the most secure and functional wireless internet router on the market. The Gryphon router uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to help guard against malicious attacks. It also includes parental controls, expanded networking capabilities and a mobile app. In short, Gryphon brings high-level cybersecurity features to everyone’s home internet.

Plus, founders John Wu and Arup Bhattacharya are in a league of their own. John has authored more than 15 patents and helped build the world’s first digital mobile phone at Motorola. And Arup has extensive experience as a developer and executive.

In this episode of Startup Insider, we caught up with John to see how things are going at Gryphon. Vin Narayanan and John discuss Gryphon’s expanded parental control features, COVID-charged sales growth and more.

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