Founded: 2012

Country: United Kingdom

Non-Accredited Investors: Yes

Business Selective: Yes

Investor Selective: No

Notable Alumni: Glentham Capital, PixelPin


British equity crowdfunding portal Seedrs just turned 1 year old last month, and is already a record-holder in the ECF world. The site’s distinctive “nominee structure” (where shares are held and managed on behalf of investors and entrepreneurs) makes for safe and ultra-rapid fundraising.

In November 2012, the portal set a speed-fundraising record when it raised £50,000 (over $76,000) in 15 hours. Then in July 2013, they broke their own record when fund manager Nicola Horlick raised £150,000 (about $229,000) in 22 hours.

These impressive feats are performed by a fundraising site that allows investors to invest as little as £10 into projects of interest. CEO Jeff Lynn has expressed interest in expansion into American markets when details of the JOBS Act’s implementation become clear.


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