Founded: 2012

Country: Germany

Non-Accredited Investors: Yes

Business Selective: Yes

Investor Selective: No

Notable Alumni: Urbanara


One of the leading sites in Germany’s recent wave of equity crowdfunding growth, Berlin-based Bergfuerst was founded by social networking businessmen Dennis Bemmann and Guido Sandler after they witnessed the financial success of a crowdfinanced porno movie.

Bergfuerst deals in the more… mainstream market of business financing. Any user can invest in a startup for as little as €250 ($323). The company is notable for having been the platform with which German home wares site Urbanara financed a €3 million “crowdsourced IPO.”

As Bergfuerst is at this point a fairly small portal with almost exclusively German patrons and clientele, it is not clear if or when access to the site will arrive stateside. Even if it doesn’t, Bergfuerst stands as a successful symbol of Germany’s ECF revolution.


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