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First Stage Investor​: Best of 2019

First Stage Investor​: Best of 2019
By Early Investing
Date December 23, 2019

2019 is coming to a close. But before we catapult ourselves into a new decade, we’d like to look back at this remarkable year.

The First Stage Investor team covered a lot of ground. We researched hundreds of startups… interviewed dozens of founders and industry experts… reported from several tech and cannabis conferences… and created tons of charts, graphs and other infographics. All with the goal of helping early investors better understand and succeed in the startup, cannabis and crypto spaces.

So today, we’re sharing our favorite pieces of the year.

Best Recommendation: Phoenix PharmaLabs

By Andy Gordon

“Phoenix PharmaLabs could help save tens of thousands of people from a debilitating, soul-destroying life of drug addiction. And our health system could save billions of dollars. This tiny company could put a stop to the raging epidemic of opioid addiction. Imagine that.”

Read the story here.

Best Cannabis Story:The Amazing Science of Cannabinoids

By Adam Sharp

“We are just beginning to scratch the surface as to the potential of cannabinoids. Many researchers believe these powerful compounds are most effective when used in combination, as they are found in cannabis plants.”

Read the story here.

Best Crypto Story: Bitcoin’s Lightning Network 101

By Adam Sharp

“The reason many of us are excited about the Lightning Network is simple. It allows bitcoin to retain all of its inherent security and reliability, and adds the ability to transact fast at huge volumes and do so nearly for free.”

Read the story here.

Best Explainer Story: Four States Gobble Up 80% of Venture Capital Dollars

By Vin Narayanan

“80% of all venture capital (VC) money raised ends up in four states – California, New York, Massachusetts and Texas. 40% of all VC money raised ends up being spent on Google and Facebook advertising. Those stunning numbers are a stark reminder of just how fundamentally broken the VC ecosystem is. And just how important equity crowdfunding is to reforming the system.”

Read the story here.

Best Infographic: United States of (Not Quite Legal) Cannabis

By Allison Brickell

View the statshot here.

Best Video: Startup Insider: A Holding Company That Wants to Reboot the World (Part 1 and Part 2)

View Part 1 of the interview here and Part 2 here.

That concludes our “Best of 2019” list. Have a great holiday!

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