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Crypto Insider: Two Cryptos We’re Following

Crypto Insider: Two Cryptos We’re Following
By Early Investing
Date August 29, 2022

For crypto investors, curiosity is a virtue. The crypto market is full of fascinating tokens for us to consider. Some projects, like bitcoin, are well established. Others are brand new. And new projects are emerging all the time.

So if a coin catches your eye, research it. Check out its white paper, if it has one. See where it stands on CoinMarketCap. Follow its social media handles. It may or may not be worth investing in. But by doing your research — and defining your own investment thesis — you’ll be better equipped to make that decision.

In this episode of Crypto Insider, Allison Brickell and Vin Narayanan share some coins that have caught their attention. These aren’t recommendations. But this conversation can provide helpful insight into how members of the First Stage Investor team kick off their crypto investment research process.

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