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Much has changed since we recommended Winc last December. The popular direct-to-consumer wine company was one of the last pre-pandemic recommendations we made. Now lockdowns and quarantines have become our normal. And with so many of us stuck at home, meals have taken center stage in our lives. So it’s not surprising that Los Angeles-based Winc has benefited. Winc calls the current situation “truly sobering.” But it also acknowledges that COVID-19 has helped its business grow more quickly. Winc Founder…

Equity Crowdfunding Deals Are Stronger Than Ever

By Adam Sharp on January 10, 2019

Adam gives an update on the recent influx of hot startup deals and explains how the market is maturing and deal quality and flow is improving.

Seven Possibilities for Crypto’s Future

By Andy Gordon on November 5, 2018

It’s incredibly early for crypto. Yes, a lot has happened so far. But that’s nothing compared to the future. Nobody really knows how everything will play out. So much more awaits. It’s exciting. It’s scary. It’s mysterious. Which is why I love to hear predictions. And I heard a bunch…

NowRx Plans to Expand

By Andy Gordon on October 29, 2018

What do I know now about First Stage Investor portfolio holding NowRx that I didn’t know before? A lot. Vin Narayanan (our Senior Managing Editor) and I had the pleasure of breaking bread with NowRx CEO Cary Breese and Chief Technology Officer Sumeet Sheokand last Friday in San Francisco. Vin…