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A look back at the different waves of cryptocurrency adoption suggests the sweet spot for investment is right now.
Regulations are becoming a critical factor in the crypto markets. That’s why Tuesday’s Congressional hearing on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is so important. Follow us on Twitter @Early1nvesting to get live coverage and analysis from the hearing.

Tale of the Tape: Bitcoin vs. Gold

By Adam Sharp on May 4, 2018

Bitcoin and gold are both hedges against crazy monetary policy. Which will outperform in the long term?
Don’t let the volatility of the cryptocurrency markets fool you. They’re acting in a perfectly rational manner, and that’s good news for investors.

Is Cryptocurrency Going Mainstream?

By Adam Sharp on April 27, 2018

We’re beginning to see institutional interest in crypto assets grow, with Goldman hiring its first crypto trader.
Basis, a cryptocurrency startup, has raised $133 million from the top venture capitalists in the world... and it’s building a potential dollar-killing crypto.

An Analyst’s Bullish $10 Trillion Case for Crypto

By Andy Gordon on April 18, 2018

In a detailed crypto report, a Wall Street analyst says the $4 billion-plus market for mining cryptocurrency is here to stay.

Crypto Spikes: Bitcoin Up, Altcoins Rip Higher

By Adam Sharp on April 13, 2018

Cryptocurrencies roared back to life on Thursday, and there’s plenty of bullish news to support the move. Here’s what’s happening...
Massive adoption of blockchain technology would make the world not only more efficient but also more honest.

Is Bitcoin’s Future “Golden”?

By Andy Gordon on April 4, 2018

Could bitcoin turn into the “Amazon of crypto coins”? Sure, it’s possible. Whatever its ultimate fate, we think bitcoin’s best days still lie ahead.
Despite the recent price correction in cryptocurrencies, entrepreneurs and developers are hard at work improving and securing crypto markets.

The Real “Killer Application” for Crypto

By Adam Sharp on March 23, 2018

The real “killer application” for cryptocurrency is already happening - it’s digital gold in an era of financial chaos.

Fuel for Bitcoin’s Competitors

By Adam Sharp on March 16, 2018

Bitcoin grabbed the majority of crypto headlines in 2017, but altcoins are starting to catch up. Here’s why.

The Simple Technical Indicator for Crypto

By Adam Sharp on March 9, 2018

When crypto volatility is high (like it is now), buying coins can be intimidating. But the “Relative Strength Index” can help investors hit the dips in cryptocurrency.

How Did ICO Investors Really Do in 2017?

By Andy Gordon on February 28, 2018

Fortune magazine’s report on an ICO study reveals the failure rates of last year’s ICOs and cautions readers against investing in them. Here’s why the report is misleading.

Venezuela’s Crazy Crypto Experiment

By Adam Sharp on February 23, 2018

Venezuela has begun issuing its new petro cryptocurrency. The experiment may fail, but it hints at the full potential of blockchain tech.