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Airdrop Alert: Mortgage Token (MTG)

By Vin Narayanan on October 2, 2018

Buying a house is a pain in the neck. And the worst part of the process is securing financing. But one startup thinks blockchain technology can make the process much easier.

Wunderkinds Aren’t the Only Successful Founders

By Allison Brickell on October 1, 2018

Investors, take note: Youthful enthusiasm certainly has its advantages. But it’s not everything.

Mailbag: Stablecoins and Privacy Coins Are Worth Exploring

By Early Investing on September 30, 2018

The Early Investing team explores the importance and value of stablecoins and privacy coins.

Coinbase to Expand Offerings on State-by-State Basis

By Vin Narayanan on September 29, 2018

Coinbase’s decision to make new coins available for trading on a state-by-state basis is welcome news for crypto investors. But it also raises key questions that need answering.

Ray Dalio: “Soundness of Our Finances Is Weak”

By Adam Sharp on September 28, 2018

Hedge fund legend Ray Dalio weighs in on America’s debt woes, and it isn’t pretty.

Crypto Monitor: Stablecoins and Market Conditions

By Vin Narayanan on September 27, 2018

Summary The Winklevoss twins, who operate the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange, have been busy! They’ve introduced a new stablecoin and are looking into expanding to Europe. Adam Sharp and Vin Narayanan discuss that, whether the crypto market has bottomed out and much more in this week’s Crypto Monitor. If you’re…
Three weeks ago, on September 7, we did something we’ve never done before. We tripled down… For the first time in the history of our First Stage Investor service, we recommended you invest in the same startup for a third time. That company is DSTLD (now called Digital Brands Group).

Equity vs. Tokens? When Investors Need Both

By Andy Gordon on September 26, 2018

Even when shares of companies that ICO rise, their native coins tend to rise faster. As early investors, we deserve a piece of that upside.

How Much Is a Bitcoin Pizza Order Worth?

By Allison Brickell on September 24, 2018

On May 22, 2010, programmer Laszlo Hanyecz paid 10,000 bitcoins for two Papa John’s pizzas. Today, those bitcoins would command a very different price.

Q&A: Understanding Convertible Notes, Reg. CF and Reg. A+ Raises

By Early Investing on September 23, 2018

The Early Investing team explains how convertible notes work and the differences between Regulation Crowdfunding and Regulation A+ raises.

News Fix: Pent-Up Demand Driving Interest in Cannabis Stocks

By Vin Narayanan on September 22, 2018

The financial press is grumbling about pot stocks soaring. But, as usual, it's missing the bigger picture. That and other crypto news you need are in this week's News Fix.

Portfolio and Market Update

By Adam Sharp on September 21, 2018

The crypto markets had been holding relatively steady over the past week. Until today, that is, when the prices of most coins suddenly shot higher. The move was led by ripple (XRP), which jumped an impressive 90% to $0.70. We get a lot of questions about ripple, so I thought…

Hodl Everything

By Adam Sharp on September 21, 2018

Early Investing’s Adam Sharp explains how he learned the difference between trading and investing the hard way.
Dear First Stage Investor, Back in August, we polled First Stage Investor members about U.S. space exploration, crypto storage preferences, investment check-ins and the longest bull market in American history. Here’s what we learned… We also learned that 28% of you check on your investments several times a…

Smart Blockchain Investors Are Opportunists

By Andy Gordon on September 19, 2018

When it comes to investing in blockchain, the smart play is to be opportunistic.

Airdrop Alert: Qravity (QCO)

By Andy Gordon on September 18, 2018

We’re very pleased to be sending you our second airdrop recommendation. This one is Qravity. To refresh your memory, an “airdrop” describes a free coin giveaway. Its primary purpose is to get the attention of potential users of the coin or token. Remember, anyone can register to…