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Angel Insider: SEC Proposes SPAC Rule Changes

Angel Insider: SEC Proposes SPAC Rule Changes

SPACs (special purpose acquisition companies) soared in popularity last year. In 2021, the market saw a record 613 SPAC ICOs

The popularity of these “blank check companies” is unsurprising. Going public via IPO is a complicated and expensive process. For many startups, going public via SPAC is a much simpler process. 

But SPACs have been under fire recently for not performing well. And it’s become clear that regulators need to reform SPAC rules — in addition to tackling much larger issues for investors.

The SEC has changed SPAC rules recently. But is it enough to really fix the problem?

In this episode of Angel Insider, Vin Narayanan and Andy Gordon discuss the SPAC rule changes, the advantages and disadvantages of SPACs, their impact on early stage investors and more.

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