Must-Read Stories of the Week

This week, we’re going to look at seven stories we’re tracking from around the web and include a brief analysis for each.

Let’s get started…

The Current Status of Regulation Crowdfunding’s latest data shows that more than $15 million has now been committed in “Reg CF” crowdfunding campaigns. (This is the smaller tier of deals, where companies can raise up to $1 million per year.) Wefunder continues its strong lead, but as the data shows, competition is picking up. Overall, the market is showing strong, steady growth.

These 12 Gadgets Make the Perfect Gifts for Family
USA Today reviews 12 tech gadget gift ideas for this holiday season. A great list for last-minute shoppers (like yours truly).

Report: Healthcare in America Is Grossly Inefficient
The inefficiency of U.S. healthcare is no secret, but this report underlines just how extreme it has become. The silver lining here is that this $2.3 trillion market is ripe for disruption by startups. We will continue to monitor this rapidly changing sector.

Uber: We Don’t Need a Permit for Self-Driving Cars
Ridesharing giant Uber recently began testing self-driving cars in San Francisco. The only problem? It didn’t run the plan by California regulators. This is yet another sign that autonomous vehicles could be here much sooner than we think.

Important Security Information for Yahoo Users
Yahoo has announced that its systems were hacked on a larger scale than previously disclosed. More than 1 billion accounts may have been at risk. If you have a Yahoo email account and haven’t changed your password yet, now is a good time to do so. (Be sure to change any other accounts that use the same password.)

Snapchat Spectacles

Social network Snapchat recently unveiled “Spectacles,” its video-recording, picture-taking sunglasses. Priced at $129, the unique eyewear is Snapchat’s first foray into hardware. Supply is limited for now, and Spectacles are going for as much as $300 on Ebay.

Instagram Has Doubled Its Monthly Active User Base in Two Years
Facebook-owned Instagram has shown impressive user growth over the last two years. Monthly active users just hit a new high, adding to Facebook’s lead in social networking. But the battle with Snapchat for younger users is not over. Snapchat continues to innovate and is growing at a rapid pace itself.

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Adam Sharp
Founder, Early Investing