Startup and Cryptocurrency News Roundup

I’m at the beach this week, so today I’m doing a roundup of the top startup and cryptocurrency news so far this month.

Bitcoin fan who held up sign during Yellen’s testimony receives $10,000 for his effort

During Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen’s testimony in front of Congress this week, a man sitting directly behind her held up a yellow legal pad with “Buy Bitcoin” written on it.

Janet Yellen
Source: MarketWatch

3-D Printing Startup WhiteClouds Nears $1 Million on Wefunder

WhiteClouds is the largest full-color 3-D printing production facility in the world, and it’s wrapping up a very successful funding round on Wefunder. (As of today, it has raised more than $1 million.)

How Netcapital’s CEO built a company that lets entrepreneurs leverage their popularity for funds

Equity crowdfunding platform Netcapital was recently featured on CNBC’s Mad Money. CEO Jason Frishman talked with Jim Cramer and did a great job representing the industry.

Mad Money on Netcapital

Uber Withdraws From Russian Market, Merges Local Operations With Yandex

In another defeat for Uber, the company is withdrawing from Russia. It will merge existing rideshare operations with local tech giant Yandex.

Photos: Life inside of China’s massive and remote bitcoin mines

The majority of bitcoins are “mined” in China. These mines are sophisticated operations often run on hydroelectric power. This is a rare look inside some of these operations in China’s Sichuan province.

What is bitcoin? Everything you need to know

This is a good overview of bitcoin tech for those who are new to the space.

Video of the Week: Purpose, Mission, Strategy

Nick Grossman of Union Square Ventures recently spoke about how it’s important for startups to have a clear mission, purpose and strategy.

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