News Roundup: Bitcoin, Ethereum, ECF and More!

There have been lots of fascinating happenings this week, so today we’re going to do a news roundup.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

“Equity crowdfunding is 1 year old today, Wefunder is top platform”

Venturebeat looks at the top platforms for equity crowdfunding and discusses the market’s progress so far.

“Bitcoin plunges more than $300 after earlier hitting all-time high”

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are experiencing a surge like nothing we’ve seen before. My advice? Wait until everybody hates these assets again before buying any large amounts. There’s always a correction eventually.

“NextSeed: A Community-Driven Small Business Fundraising Platform Utilizing Crowdfunding Laws”

NextSeed is utilizing equity crowdfunding to fund local small businesses (restaurants, mostly). The portal has a 100% success rate in its campaigns and exclusively uses interest-bearing notes. This is an excellent read by JD Alois of

“Bigger than bitcoin? Enterprise Ethereum Alliance grows in size”

Ethereum, the new cryptocurrency competing with bitcoin, is rocketing higher. Ethereum allows users to build “smart contracts” that could power applications like stocks, options, insurance and much more. Corporations involved include Toyota, Merck, State Street and many more.

“Should stock market investors worry about the rise of the quants?”

A full 27% of all stock market trading is now done by so-called “quant” funds. In other words, robots are taking over here. And apparently these robots are very bullish. What does it all mean for individual investors?

“Renaissance Requires Reinvention”

Wealth manager Josh Brown discusses the fact that 90% of active stock fund managers underperform and explores what it means for stock pickers everywhere.

“How open source software will drive the future of auto innovations”

Self-driving cars will rely on freely available software and protocols.

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Adam Sharp
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