Yet Another New Study Proves Our Phones Are Killing Us

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This is why I wanted to share an article from Andy Snyder, a good friend of mine. He recently published a presentation on the dangers of cellphone radiation.

It’s a big problem. But there are solutions. And, as usual, startups are jumping into the problem-solving arena. (Check out this startup’s technology someone showcased by walking around Vegas in his underwear.)

I’ve talked with Andy many times about the many connections between how we lead our lives and how we conduct our investments, and I’ve become an avid reader of his impressive new venture, Manward Digest. I think you’d enjoy it.

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The bad news is piling up.

We’ve long said modern humans are the guinea pigs in a nasty and dangerous experiment.

We’ve been put to the test, exposed to the risks… and now the results are trickling in.

They’re not good.

A new report published in the American Journal of Epidemiology confirmed that folks who have used their cellphones for 558 hours or more have, get this, more than a doubled risk of brain cancer.

Again… just 558 hours on the phone and our risk for brain cancer more than doubles.

Greed Turns Deadly

As each of us logs more and more hours on these deadly devices, we’re convinced we’ll see more and more stories like this.

Our little guinea pigs are in trouble.

“This study adds more evidence linking cellphone use with brain cancer,” said Dr. Anthony Miller, a senior advisor to the World Health Organization. “We believe the criteria has been met for radio frequency radiation to be classified as a probable human carcinogen. Governments need to take immediate action to inform the public and enact protective policies.”

Keep dreaming…

Governments want nothing to do with this mess. Oh sure, they’re charged with keeping us safe and keeping our society healthy… but the politicos lost that message long ago.

These days it’s all about money.

And when it comes to cellphones, there’s big money on the line.

Take, for instance, the rollout of the next generation of cellphone technology – known as 5G. What a debacle.

Late in Obama’s final term, his administration quietly freed up a wide range of radio spectrum to make way for the implementation of 5G technology.

Of course, that spectrum comes at a price.

The FCC held a first-of-its-kind “spectrum” auction last year. It laid the groundwork for an eventual 5G rollout.

It was quite lucrative for Uncle Sam… pulling in a whopping $19.8 billion.

Even more astonishing, the FCC just fined a company $100 million for licensing but not using spectrum that the FCC “considered promising for future 5G networks.”

In other words… no squatting.

Where’s all this money going? Glad you asked… because at the same time the FCC was counting its nickels and dimes, the Obama White House signed a $400 million plan that funds research papers and other projects related to 5G.

Clearly, big money is on the line.

And when big money is on the line… health concerns are secondary. Just ask Big Tobacco.

A Billion-Dollar Problem

Dr. Devra Davis, the president and founder of Environmental Health Trust, compares it to the recent scandal at Volkswagen. She says “Phonegate” is no different from “Dieselgate.”

“This is an enormous international scandal,” she said.

And it’s only going to get worse… especially now with new, more powerful technology about to hit the airwaves.

“Not only does 5G plan to utilize cellphone frequencies,” Davis said. “It also aims to incorporate millimeter waves that are frequencies already used at higher power as military weapons. Acknowledging the scientific evidence we have, how can this 5G rollout continue?”

Again, we know the answer.

It’s in our wallets.

This experiment is not going to end well. The results are already clear.

Cellphones cause cancer. And they’re killing us… one hour at a time.

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