In Case You Missed It…

Last week, we held a live show-all/tell-all webinar with one of our original recommendations, DSTLD, EXCLUSIVELY for members of First Stage Investor.

In case you missed it or were unable to attend the live webinar, here is the recorded version:

If you’ve already made an investment in DSTLD, this is a chance to get caught up on its latest accomplishments.

And if you haven’t yet invested, it’s a chance to find out how well the startup’s growth strategy is doing.

The webinar provided lots of valuable information, whether you’re one of DSTLD’s new investors or you’re thinking of becoming one.

DSTLD is an L.A.-based startup specializing in high-end denim at great prices. (Click here to view our report.)

It’s just 2 1/2 years old, but DSTLD has already sold over 105,000 of its products to more than 38,000 customers. And half come back within the year to buy more. And because nearly everyone wears jeans, its market is massive.

It’s closing its round on February 28 – less than ONE WEEK FROM TODAY.

Invest early and well,

Andy Gordon
Founder, First Stage Investor