Crypto News Roundup: September 1, 2017

It’s been another fine week in the crypto world. Bitcoin just hit a fresh all-time high of $4,700. Altcoins are soaring as well, and the total market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies hit $170 billion.

There’s a ton of noteworthy news this week. Here’s what I’m reading.

Telegram Founder Believes Bitcoin Will Undermine U.S. Hegemony

The founder of popular messaging app Telegram is a big fan of bitcoin and thinks it could disrupt the entire global financial hierarchy.

Why Bitcoin ETFS Are Closer to Reality

A number of issuers have filed with the SEC to list bitcoin ETFs on public exchanges, and they appear to be making progress. This would likely drive significant demand.

Big in Venezuela: Bitcoin Mining

Currency crisis is the real “killer app” for bitcoin. With inflation running at an estimated 1,600% annually, savvy Venezuelans are taking advantage of subsidized electricity to mine bitcoin.

Why Bcash Mining Shouldn’t Affect Bitcoin Much (But Bitcoin Mining Could Ruin Bcash)

If you’re curious about Bcash, the new coin that recently split from bitcoin, read this article. It explains the politics of mining these competing currencies.

Visa Files Patent for Blockchain-Based Digital Asset Network

Credit card giant Visa continues to explore blockchain-based finance technology.

Segregated Witness Activates on Bitcoin: This Is What to Expect

SegWit activates after years of preparation, leading to the possibility of lower transaction fees and better security.

Bitfinex Closes Doors to U.S. Crypto Investors

Major crypto exchange Bitfinex has closed its doors to U.S. investors, bowing to regulatory pressure. If the U.S. doesn’t loosen up on regulations soon, we risk missing out on the global crypto boom.

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P.S. We’re still in the early days of cryptocurrency. So if you haven’t invested yet, don’t worry. Time is on your side.

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